What is Blewbury Climate Action?

The Parish Council and Sustainable Blewbury have set up a group to assist locals who are worried about the way our climate is changing and who want to do something about it, but we need your help.

Virtually all (99%) of climate scientists agree that humans are causing climate change. More extreme weather, higher temperatures, sea-level rise, flooding and water shortages are all predicted, but we can reduce the risks if we try, and we will do better with your support.

It is naturally difficult to get going on your own, and also to know what to do that’s most effective. So we are designing an informative BCA website/blog, which will allow you ask questions and talk to others about what you are doing.

* There are many things that the Climate Action group could do, including for example:

  1. Plant trees locally  and improve the local environment in other ways.
  2. Provide information about simple things you can do to reduce climate change.
  3. Lobby local and national politicians.
  4. Provide specimen letters for you to adapt and use when you write your own letters.
  5. Put on meetings and social events that will help you to make a difference.
  6. Campaign with other groups against things that will make climate change more extreme, e.g. fracking, burning forests, investment in fossil fuel projects.

* Simple things you could do include, for example:

  1. Reduce food waste and to eat less beef and lamb.
  2. Improve biodiversity by planting bee and insect friendly plants in your gardens.
  3. Avoid using a car and drive a smaller car. Walk or cycle for short journeys.
  4. Compost rather than burn garden waste.
  5. Write letters, join protest groups.
  6. Support the BCA in any way you can: we need your help and skills, even for small amounts of time.

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