How Climate Friendly is the Vale?

Friends of the Earth (FOE) have created an on line ap that allows you to find out:

If you go to you should be faced with a page that asks “How climate friendly is your community?” and a box where you enter your post code to find out.
The Vale comes out quite well, (but not much of the score is due to our new council: it’s too soon, and some of the data comes from the 2011 census.)
The analysis of their score ends with targets for the Vale:

Summary of targets for the Vale of White Horse area

Cease supporting or promoting new high carbon infrastructure, such as roads or airports
Annual emissions reductions – 14%
Homes to insulate per year – 2,667
Number of eco-heating systems, such as heat pumps, to fit each year – 1,812
Proportion of commuters walking, cycling or using public transport by 2030 – 50%
Increase lift-sharing – major employers should aim to have 40% of their staff who travel to work by car doing so by lift-sharing
Electric vehicle charging stations by 2030 – at least 75 stations (only 10 now)
Renewable energy – at least 203MW
Trees – Aim for 20% tree cover
Household waste reuse, recycling and composting by 2025 – 70% (on path to reach zero waste as soon as possible)
Divestment – zero investment in fossil fuel companies as soon as possible.

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