Hope in the Climate Crisis

Didcot Power Station – our past. But what is in our future?

There is a lot written about future solutions to the climate crisis, and we are told that we should not rely on them because they may never happen, but a recent Guardian article* included three rays of hope:

The upside (I) – wind and solar energy is soaring
Huge cost drops have seen sustainable energy become the cheapest energy in many places and the roll out is projected to continue. Analysts also expect coal use to fall. But much government action is still required to reach the scale needed, and to solve difficult problems such as suitable sustainable energy for aviation and farming.

The upside (II) – electric vehicles
The global fleet of electric cars and vans is still small compared with those running on fossil fuels. But sales are growing very fast. Electric cars are cheaper to run, suggesting they will become mainstream.

The upside (III) – battery costs
Sustainable energy is intermittent, depending on when the sun shines or wind blows. So storage is vital and the cost of batteries is plummeting. But other technologies, such as generating hydrogen, will also be needed.

So, not unadulterated good news, but watch this space!

*The climate crisis explained in 10 charts, Damian Carrington and Cath Levett
Do read the complete article at http://bit.ly/33nfvHk The charts make it a clear explanation of the causes of the changes in the global climate.

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