Fast Forward Oxfordshire

On Thursday 24th Oct. Oxford Friends of the Earth launched Fast Forward Oxfordshire. This short and easy-to-read 20 page report looks at what Oxfordshire might be like in 2040 if we have tackled the climate crisis effectively, avoiding the worst consequences. In doing so we will have created a healthier, cleaner and prosperous society and economy.
It has been developed with the aid of some leading Oxford experts, and supported by members of Oxford Youth Climate Action. A printed copy is going to every councillor across the county, city and districts and to other ‘influencers’.

Fast Forward Oxfordshire is about the need for an acceleration in what we are doing to tackle climate change – about moving ‘fast forward’.  It covers six areas: homes and settlements, transport, work, energy, food, and nature.  For each there is a short story of what one person’s life might be like in 20 years’ time. Alongside these stories are policies for each area that need to be implemented urgently if we are to have any chance of delivering that positive future, and some examples of good practice (from here and elsewhere).  Copies of the report can be downloaded from the website:
Scroll down the page to ” Download a copy of the report here.
Click on the link, then scroll down the largely purple page to
Fast forward Oxfordshire_20pp_LOWRES . Click on this link,
then you have finally reached a downloadable copy of Fast Forward Oxfordshire!

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