The Great Flood:

Travels through a sodden landscape

Henley on Thames Jan 2014, Toby Melville – Reuters

It’s not often a Blog recommends listening to the Radio 4 Book of the Week, but I have been riveted to this account of floods not thousands of miles away, but here in England. The Great Flood is available as a Podcast on BBC Sounds for another 26 days.

Edward Platt travelled around England for 2 years, including during the Great Floods of 2014, exploring the ways in which water has shaped our landscape, our literature and our sense of self. He describes houses transformed by their inundation into “mouldering palazzos beside a still canal”
He talked to flood victims, uncovered the legacy of botched Victorian infrastructure, and revealed the surprising extent of Doggerland, the plain that once connected Britain to the continent, and described its final fate. Finally he considers our future if global temperatures continue to rise and flooding affects the way we live. He concludes bracingly. “When it comes to climate change, we are all to blame.”

The Great Flood: Journeys through a Sodden Landscape, by Edward Platt is published by Picador.

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