Why Blewbury Climate Action

A global group of around 11,000 scientists have endorsed research that says the world is facing a climate emergency. (BBC News, 6 Nov, 2019)

The study, based on 40 years of data on a range of measures, says governments are failing to address the crisis. And this was on the day when satellite data showed that this was the warmest October since records began!

So we must tell politicians that we expect them to do better for ourselves and future generations, and we ourselves must also do what we can to help.

Things might be bad, but they are not hopeless. The researchers show six areas* in which immediate steps should be taken that could make a major difference, and we can contribute to most of them: we could walk within the village rather than drive, turn our thermostats down by 1-2°C, compost rather than have a bonfire, plant a tree, have a meat free Monday, buy pre-loved clothes,  etc, etc, etc …

It is naturally more difficult to get going on your own, and also to know what to do that’s most effective, so the PC and SB have set up a group to help you: Blewbury Climate Action.  We also need your help with larger actions like planting trees locally, campaigning with other groups against things like fracking, burning forests, banks investing in new coal mines

As well as this blog, we are gradually adding more information to www.blewburyclimateaction.com , so do check the site occasionally.

*The six areas are:

  • Energy: Politicians should impose carbon fees high enough to discourage the use of fossil fuels, they should end subsidies to fossil fuel companies and implement massive conservation practices while also replacing oil and gas with renewables.
  • Short-lived pollutants: These include methane, hydrofluorocarbons and soot – the researchers say that limiting these has the potential to cut the short-term warming trend by 50% over the next few decades.
  • Nature: Stop land clearing, restore forests, grasslands and mangroves which would all help to sequester CO2.
  • Food: A big dietary shift is needed say researchers so that people eat mostly plants and consumer fewer animal products. Reducing food waste is also seen as critical.
  • Economy: Convert the economy’s reliance on carbon fuels – and change away from growing the world’s gross domestic product and pursuing affluence
  • Population: The world needs to stabilise the global population which is growing by around 200,000 Support the BCA in any way you can: we need your help and skills, even for small amounts of time.

Photo: Markus Spiske on Unsplash


    • It was fantastic, but also alarming. it really made the point that we need to eat less beef for health reasons as well as being the best thing ordinary people like us can do to reduce climate change.


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