Is Trump’s extremism helping environmental movement?

Greta Thunberg says Trump’s ‘extreme’ climate change denial is helping environmental movement.

She suggests his wholesale rejection of climate science may force people to “wake up” about the global warming crisis. The president has branded human-caused climate change as a “hoax”, putting him at odds with the overwhelming majority of scientists and his own government agencies, which have warned human-caused global warming is on course to have catastrophic consequences for life on Earth.

The Trump administration last week formally began withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, making the US the only country in the world which is not signed up to the pact to keep the global average temperature below 2C above pre-industrial levels.

So let’s hope she is correct in thinking that Trump’s position is becoming so extreme that people will wake up to the danger and apply more pressure to their politicians to place a higher priority on taking action on our environmental crisis.

Read more in the Independent on line for 13 November 2019 .
Image is also from the Independent: Greta Thunberg leaving the US on 13 Nov., sailing with an Australian family aboard their 48-foot (15-metre)or catamaran to Spain for the 25th United Nations Climate Change Convention. Their vessel, La Vagabonde, has practically no carbon footprint because it uses solar panels and hydro-generators for power.

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