Meatless Monday?

Am I too late to suggest you try a Meatless Monday this week? What do you think of the idea? I’m going to try it, and I want to try to keep to it every Monday.

Why am I doing it? Because I finally got round to watching the BBC documentary “Meat – a Threat to our Planet?” on i-Player, and it made me feel ill.

Cattle ranching is the biggest single reason for destruction of the Brazilian rainforest, and it also produces enormous amounts of CO2 and methane. And the way cattle are penned into vast Feedlots in the USA and Canada should never be necessary. 85,000 cattle on ONE farm? So let’s eat less beef.

One comment

  1. We are too wedded to meat to give it up completely but we’d switched to very little red meat (basically some mince once a week for a chilli or to make burgers) chicken a couple of times, fish once and veg for the rest. Admittedly I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast and we are having toad in the hole on Thursday.


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