The moment of crisis has come

 … We can no longer put off decisions about what we are going to do about the climate emergency

According to Sir David Attenborough, “we have been putting things off for year after year. While climate scientists are clear about the need for a rapid response, the pace of international negotiations is grindingly slow, and that has to change!”
“We have been raising targets and saying: ‘Oh well, if we do it within the next 20 years that will be soon enough,” Sir David told the BBC. “We have to change, not by appeals to different kinds of optimism but to deliberate, compelling life or death decisions.”

But we do not need to wait for decisions until November this year, when the next UN Climate Change Conference takes place (COP 26 in Glasgow).
The World Economic Forum (WEF) holds an annual conference in Davos (Switzerland) which starts next Monday (20th January)

We must be aware of what happens at this conference.

The WEF may sound like something  that concerns only the rich and powerful bankers, politicians and industrialists descending on Davos right now. But what they decide on this year will affect all of us.

For the first time ever, environmental concerns dominated the top five long-term global risks for business leaders, investors and policy-makers surveyed in the WEF’s annual report. Extreme weather, climate action failure, natural disasters, biodiversity loss and human-made environmental disasters are the top most likely risks to the global economy. So they are top of the agenda, and only yesterday (17th January) the WEF asked all conference participants to set a net-zero carbon target.

You can hear what David Attenborough said in that BBC interview at
This site also includes a gallery of “Climate change: Decade’s defining issue in pictures”.

The official DAVOS website is

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