is your fridge cold enough?

Turn your fridge down to less than 5°C and save food for longer

The average UK fridge temperature is 6.6°C, but if you keep it below 5°C you can extend the life of milk and other foods by up to 3 days!

This was in a report by the anti-waste charity Wrap. They said that an average of 9 litres of milk is discarded by UK households every year, which does not sound much, but it adds up to 290,000 tonnes every year (about 290 MILLION litres!)

That’s huge! And you can freeze milk if you have too much, but only 25% of us do that, compared with over half of us who freeze meat and over one third of us who freeze fish.

I just checked – you can buy a fridge and freezer thermometer at a well known cheap hardware supermarket in Didcot for £2.00. Well worth it!

And if you search for Chill the Fridge Out on line you find a Wrap page which tells you how to set your fridge to 5°C if you enter your fridge brand into the box.

Save food, save money and help the environment!

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