COP 26 postponed until next year

Another important event postponed because of the Coronavirus.

The announcement was made in a joint statement from the UK and UN after a “virtual” meeting of officials. It was to be expected in the current lock down situation, and also because the planned COP 26 venue, Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus is now set to become a temporary hospital to house patients affected by Covid-19.

But we must not forget that Climate Change is continuing through the Coronavirus emergency. It is interesting to see how much less CO2 and particulates are emitted when the majority of us are told to stay at home, and how much less money we spend on what we thought we needed. China’s emissions went down 25% in 2 weeks, so it will be interesting to see what happens as they “return to normal” Has anyone seen figures for the UK?

Five years on from the landmark Paris agreement, all nations were due to put new improved climate action plans on the table at the Glasgow meeting.

Dozens of world leaders were due to attend the COP26 gathering that was set to run in Glasgow from November 9 this year. It is expected that the conference will now take place by the middle of next year, in Glasgow.

Much of this post comes from the BBC News website

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