Extreme Siberian heat caused by Climate Change

UK Met Office report: Siberian prolonged heat is almost impossible without climate change. Russian town of Verkhoyansk experienced new record temp for the Arctic (38°C) on 20 June.

Siberia’s prolonged extreme temperatures would only happen less than once in every 80,000 years without human-induced climate change!

The heat in Siberia has triggered widespread fires:

  • 1.15 million hectares were burning in late June
  • releasing about 56 million tonnes of CO2
  • flames pumping smoke and ash high into the atmosphere
  • speeding up melting of permafrost
  • oil tank built on the frozen soil collapsed in May, leading to one of the worst oil spills ever in the region
  • heat has been linked to an outbreak of silk moths, whose larvae eat conifer trees. 

We can all expect to see extreme temperatures more frequently around the world in a warming global climate.

Read more details in press statement released by UK Met Office on July 15th: bit.ly/39dIpOn

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