Global and UK Increase in wind power

We all know we MUST use less fossil fuels, so we MUST produce more sustainable energy.

Wind power is an important option for the UK, because we are on the windy side of Europe and as an island, off-shore wind farms are the obvious option.

There have been several articles in the Renewable Energy financial press (reNEWS.BIZ) recently about the importance of offshore windpower to the UK’s recovery from Covid 19. See , and about the record global increase in global investment in wind power in the first half of 2020: a jump of 319%! See . But the UK can still improve on the infrastructure of distribution of this green energy, including production of towers, foundations and export cables.

The UK has still to catch up with Denmark’s ambitious plans for 18 GW of offshore wind farms by 2030, connected to an artificial energy island in the North Sea and the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. According to the Danish Government, the long-term aim is to convert the power from the islands into green hydrogen which can further be processed into fuels that will be used to power shipping. See for details

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