Nando’s is making big change to its chickens – and it involves insects

Nando’s intends to feed its chickens on insects instead of chicken feed!

Nando’s aims to cut its carbon emissions to net zero, and halve the carbon footprint of its average meal over the next ten years. As part of this, chickens served at Nando’s will be fed on insects and algae under a trial scheme to cut carbon emissions.

The South African brand, which has 930 restaurants worldwide, (350 in the UK) wants to lower its reliance on soya-based chicken feed, the second biggest contributor to deforestation after the beef industry. On reading this, the first instinct is to think what will the chicken taste like, or I don’t want to eat that!

But I can remember my father’s bantams scratching around in the earth all day, and eating whatever tasty insects and bugs they found. They much preferred these to chicken pellets. And we are being told we ought to try eating insects rather meat, because they are a much more sustainable food source, so reduce our carbon footprint. So on second thoughts it’s an excellent idea – the chickens like eating insects and we enjoy eating chicken (in moderation)

Images and text from Daily Mirror, 28 July 2020

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