Who’s using the least coal now?

I confess, I have been playing with Carbon Brief’s interactive map of the world’s power stations for over an hour, but I have learned a lot.

The image at the top of this post is of the world’s coal fired power stations in the year 2000, but if you move the blue slider from left to right the map slowly updates from 2000 to 2019, then predicts the future (2020). You can pick parts of the world instead of the entire planet: European Union, U.S.A, China etc. and the colour and size of the dots tells you if the power station is operating or only planned and so on. Try out the map at carbonbrief.org/mapped-worlds-coal-power-plants

Coal burning Power Stations USA, 2019

The yellow dots on this map are operating power stations, grey are planned to close, and there are no pink or mauve dots, so no new ones have been planned! And the green west coat has already shut all its coal fired power stations.

Of course, there are reasons why countries are hanging on to their coal fired power stations – Poland has masses of coal and no oil, but the UK has off shore gas, so it is relatively easy to decide to close 40 year-old power stations.

But most do need to go, and soon: CO2 emissions
for coal are double that of gas.

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