It’s apple time again!

But what to do with them if you have a glut?

Posters up around the village and on BVS Facebook say
SB Apple Juicing starts 2 – 4 pm on Sunday 23rd August
at Blewbury Manor Stables

then every 2 weeks after that:
6 September
20 September 4 October 18 October

We are being Corona virus aware (Social distancing, equipment washed etc)
You should bring WASHED APPLES (with bad bits removed but no need to remove cores)
and clean glass screw-top wine or drink BOTTLES.
COST: £1 per pressing (bucket or large basket of apples), 30p per bottle.

If you want to pasteurise (so the juice will last for up to a year) it takes a while,
so please arrive before 3 pm
If you do not want to pasteurise you can freeze juice in plastic bottles

If you don’t want apple juice, sell them at Blewbury Garden Market

Also run with Corona Virus aware precautions. Every Saturday from 29th August, 9.15 to 11.15 am at Blewbury Garage. Bring your apples in bags or boxes from 9.00 am. (You set your own prices, and keep 90%. We keep 10% for our running expenses.)

And if you don’t want to juice them or sell them or store them,
why not give them away!

Put them into a bucket or box and leave it at the end of your drive with a sign.
Cooking apples (or eating apples). Help yourself (but don’t take the bucket)

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