What can WE do to help Oxfam fight climate change?

Oxfam is in action all over the world, fighting global poverty, the effects of the Coronavirus and climate change, so why does this post start with a picture of actress and writer Michaela Coel?

More frequent and extreme weather – such as storms and droughts – are destroying homes, and wrecking lives and livelihoods, and the world’s poorest people have done the least to cause it.

There has been huge progress in the fight against poverty, but climate change threatens to reverse this progress. In fact, Oxfam believes that the climate emergency is the biggest, most urgent threat to the fight against poverty. That’s an injustice that can and must be stopped.

You can read about what Oxfam is doing all over the world to help people affected by climate change at oxfam.org.uk/. You can donate money to help, but you can also do what Michaela Coel did in her latest BBC series (I May Destroy You): all the amazing clothes she wore were second hand. She is supporting Oxfam’s SAY YES TO SECOND HAND campaign. You can now buy second hand clothes on their website, including designer clothes.

Wear them with pride – you are recycling as well as making a donation!

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