Well done Mya-Rose! British teenager’s climate protest on Arctic ice floe

Environmental activist and campaigner Mya-Rose Craig, 18, was protesting last Friday on an Arctic ice floe at 82 North, in the world’s most northerly climate strike ever!

Mya-Rose journeyed to the Arctic on board the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, which is part of an expedition documenting the impact of the climate crisis and investigating marine life in the region.

Her arrival was timed for Friday September 25th, the day that thousands of students around the world skipped school and college to protest in support of climate action, in the first Fridays for Future mass action since the emergence of Covid-19. Activists called on governments to ensure the “climate crisis doesn’t get forgotten in the shadow of the coronavirus”

Mya-Rose’s ice floe was at the edge of the Arctic sea ice, the floating ice cover of the Arctic Ocean, on the day it reached its minimum extent for the year 2020, shrinking to the second lowest extent since record-keeping began in 1978.

She said “It feels like a once in a lifetime experience, not only because it has been an amazing trip, but also because I am hyper-aware that the Arctic is disappearing. I have been a climate activist for years but now it has really sunk in just how urgent this issue is. Looking out from the ship it was so easy to picture it all slowly melting and disappearing in the coming two decades.”

The protest was doubly important because the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity will begin in New York on 30 September, under the theme of “Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development.” Activists are calling on governments to ensure the “climate crisis doesn’t get forgotten in the shadow of the coronavirus”. See bit.ly/337Tq2b for information about the conference.

The post is based on articles in the i-news and CNN news

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