Want a Tree for your garden?

A local group called HUGS (Hagbournes & Upton Group for Sustainability) are making it easy for locals to order trees to plant in their gardens.

They have invited Blewbury people to join in, BUT the deadline for ordering is November 23rd

HUGS say “We are working with local gardeners and have selected a list of small, medium and large trees and shrubs that should do well in the soil and conditions here. The plants will be bare root and ready to be planted out in late autumn / early winter. They are small sticks to begin with and in time will grow and provide more shelter and food for wildlife in our gardens.

“We hope that as many people as possible will join us and buy and plant a tree. If you have a gap in your garden, or space in your lawn, or even a large pot to grow a tree on for now – then have a look at the list on the HUGS website. There is an order form below the list.

We estimate that trees will cost around £1 each. They will be small (40-60 cm tall) as these tend to establish best. We will know the exact costs (including delivery and optional tree guards and mulch) when we have placed the order and can confirm this along with payment arrangements in late November.

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