The UK government is still pouring billions into climate-wrecking projects abroad – something the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan failed to fix.

So this time next week (December 3rd) Friends of the Earth will be handing in their petition calling for the government to end this reckless spending. The more signatures FOE collect, the more impact it’ll have in Whitehall. And if you haven’t signed yet, this is your last chance!

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being pumped into oil and gas projects around the world – fuelling the climate crisis. From China to Brazil, your money is being used to help the fossil fuel industry exploit other countries’ natural resources for profit. This has to stop now.

The government should invest in clean energy at home and abroad – not overseas oil drilling and power plants. It should help vulnerable people deal with the impacts of climate breakdown. Not make it worse.

Go to the FOE website (friendsoftheearth.uk ) to sign the petition, by scrolling down the FOE page to the green button. Press it to sign the FOE petition now.

And while you are on the FOE website, scroll down the page a little further to try out FOE free ecards. Show your loved ones (and the planet) a little love this festive season by sending eco-friendly ecards!

Sample FOE ecard

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