Leaving the EU – biggest farming shake-up in 50 years?

The UK will no longer need to apply EU rules for paying farming subsidies.

The £1.6 Bn subsidy farmers receive every year for simply owning or renting land will be phased out by 2028. The wealthiest farmers will face the sharpest cuts, starting with 25% next year. Those receiving less will see a 5% cut. 


The government proposes that in future farmers will be paid to use fallow land to restore wild habitats, create new woodlands, boost soils, etc., with the goal that in time farmers will be producing more healthy food and the woodland will be absorbing more carbon dioxide. This could be amazing!

The president of the NFU welcomed the scheme, but said that it could have a drastic effect on the income of livestock farmers. Read more in a long Guardian article at bit.ly/3mqNKHZ.

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