Leaving the EU – Where will our food come from?

Leaving the EU means that the UK has now to negotiate new trade deals for food imports with nations like the USA, which have lower standards for food production than us.

America’s low-welfare standards could wreck the UK’s farming and food industry, The chlorine on chickens isn’t the issue. It’s about why it’s used: to deal with pathogens as a result of terrible US animal welfare standards.

Chickens by Zachariah Smith, Upsplash

As a member of the EU we were part of a trading bloc that banned both chlorine-washed chicken and growth hormone-injected beef. Cheap US beef is produced by yard farming: tens of thousands of cattle in huge stockyards. See ‘Exploring american beef feedlots’ at bit.ly/3lFxC45, and prepared to be shocked.

Now we have left we need a new deal with the US, and if cheap, low-standard products are allowed into the UK, British farming will be forced into a cost-cutting war, which will undermine its standards and is likely to force more farms out of business.

Read more in the Guardian of 12th Nov 2020 ‘It’s not just chlorinated chickens: there’s still nothing appetising about a UK-US trade deal’ at bit.ly/3mdTG63

The problem is that the UK government announcements about both of these ‘Leaving the EU’ issues include vague passages about timings or details. So look out for future retractions on either issue.

You could write to your MP to congratulate him for voting in favour of a bill, or petition him to ask for his commitment to a particular issue.

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