New 94 timetable begins on January 4th

A New Year present from Thames Travel: more buses, earlier and later buses, AND 6 buses each way on Saturdays!

The revised service will run linearly from Didcot through East Hagbourne, Blewbury, Upton, Chilton to Harwell Campus and back again, but unfortunately West Hagbourne’s only stop will be at the Horse and Harrow. The new timetable should be at bus stops from the official start date of January 3rd , but you can also download a pdf copy from the Thames Travel website at

As the bus will no longer run in a loop through the villages it will use bus stops on both sides of the road, so be prepared to wave it down!

There will be no changes to the 94S buses on school days. As now, a single vehicle provides the entire service including the 94S School bus. The school service takes priority, which explains why the first direct bus from Blewbury to Harwell Campus does not get there until 0932. If you need to get to the Campus earlier you have to take a bus in the opposite direction to Didcot Parkway and transfer to the X32.

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