Top climate scientist warns Boris Johnson he faces humiliation on Cumbria coal mine plan

Photo by Klim Musalimov on Unsplash

Famous climate scientist James Hansen has written to Boris Johnson saying he must stop his support for fossil fuels in the year he will host the UN climate summit.

He warns that Boris Johnson’s decision to press ahead with a new coalmine in Cumbria shows “contemptuous disregard for the future of young people” and will lead to “ignominy and humiliation” in his stark message to the prime minister ahead of the UN Cop26 climate summit later this year in Glasgow.

Read Dr. Hansen’s entire letter here:

Controversial plans for the UK’s first deep coalmine in over 30 years, stretching out under the sea near Whitehaven, have been in the news for months. Now Hansen is concerned that going ahead with the Cumbrian mine will be seized on by supporters of fossil fuels around the world. The government argued that the mine would provide coking coal for industrial processes like steel making rather than coal for power generation, and would provide jobs for 500 people. It has been given permission to operate until 2049, the year before the government must achieve net zero emissions – and the mine would increase global greenhouse gas emissions.

This is largely based on an article in the Guardian of 4 Feb 2021 by Fiona Harvey, Environment correspondent.

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