Some say the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a harmful piece of legislation.

If you agree that the bill could severely damage your ability to protect
your local community and the planet
Sign the FOE petition today!

Read more about the bill and the petition and sign it on the FOE website at

Learn why the right to protest is so important,
How the right to protest is under threat,
Protestors face a greater risk of prosecution,
Non-violent protest could attract lengthy prison sentences
The most vulnerable are at risk,
And the bill is an anti-democratic piece of legislation

And because the government is rushing its mammoth 307-page bill through parliament, it’s allowing us almost no time to properly grasp all of its implications or make our views known to MPs. Normally, MPs and the public have weeks to examine bills before their second reading in parliament. For this bill, we’ve been given just 3 days.

Public and political scrutiny around the bill has increased following the hugely concerning events on 14th March. And we need to act now.

FOE thinks that the bill should concern everybody. So please add your name to the FOE open letter today. The more people who speak up, the more chance there is of persuading the government to put the brakes on this attack on our freedoms.

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