Climate emergency

We are living in changing times, with major impacts on the Earth’s physical and biological systems on a scale not seen for millions of years. Greenhouse gas emissions are at record highs and still increasing rather than falling. Global temperature continues to rise. The polar ice caps are disintegrating. Sea level rise will impact the lives of millions of people. Climate change is causing a biodiversity emergency: it’s estimated that over a million species face extinction. We must act very soon to start effective actions.

However positive changes are happening. The UK has reduced its greenhouse emissions by 42% since 1990*. Earlier this year the UK went a whole week without using coal. Nevertheless, you still may think that these problems are too big for an individual. However, there are everyday things we can all do to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and biodiversity. The environmental adage “think globally, act locally“ has never been so apt, and we in Blewbury Climate Action are here to help in the changes that we all need to make.
Glen Meadows, Chair Sustainable Blewbury.

*The figure of 42% comes from the 2016 Provisional emissions statistics one page summary. The 2018 Provisional emissions statistics one page summary stated that UK total emissions had been reduced by 44% since 1990, but the rate of decrease is less, 3% in 2017-8 compared to 6% in 2015-6. Both decreases are principally due to the decrease in the use of coal for electricity generation, but now there are many less coal power stations remaining the decrease is inevitably less.