Landmark Events

This page is about big events in the progress of Climate Change. Events could be an international conference designed to limit the rate of Climate Change, a change for better or worse, a significant action by a protest movement ….. find out below

Thursday 6th May: Oxfordshire County Council elections

By 9th April we will know who the candidates are, and they will have published their statements. This will be an important local election – the results will determine how the county will emerge from Covid. Look out for zoomed hustings, and use them to question candidates about their policies, and use your VOTE.

11th–13th June G7 Summit hosted by UK in Cornwall 

G7 is a gathering of government leaders from seven of the world’s richest nations. Decisions taken at the G7 meetings impact people across the world, rich and poor. The UK is president this time, so could have extra influence on its outcomes. See the G7 leaders’ statements and CAFOD for the charity’s guide to the G7 Summit 

11th-24th October UN Conference on Biodiversity (COP 15), in Kunming, China

Countries are expected to reach an agreement over targets to protect the natural world, including proposals to conserve 30% of the world’s oceans and land by 2030, introduce controls on invasive species and reduce plastics pollution. Cop15 will be the first time China has led the world in a major international agreement on the environment.

1st–12th November UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 (COP26) hosted by UK in Glasgow. 

We hear a lot about COP26 in the press, but what are its official aims?. World leaders agreed at COP21 (Paris in 2015) to hold the increase in global average temperature to well below 2℃ above pre-industrial levels, and to attempt to limit the rise to 1.5℃. Many countries also stated their individual targets in reducing CO2 emissions in order to keep to the 2℃ and 1.5℃ targets. The major stated purpose of COP26 is to “complete and to implement” these targets. The problem is that the emissions reduction targets were too low to limit the temperature rises, and for poorer countries also impossible to reach. The UN calculates that greenhouse gas emissions must drop by 45% in the next decade to limit global temperatures to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels. There are less than eight months to go to COP26, which could be the most important climate conference ever held. See the COP26 website for details, and the press for updates and comments.