What Can I do?

The Climate Emergency is in the News all the time now, and I want to do something to help, but what?

First check the facts by watching some videos on line:

Two programs by David Attenborough: Extinction the Facts which warns us of how allowing the extinctions of 1 million species will affect our life and our health unless we do something about it (this is on BBC i-Player) and A Life on Our Planet, My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future, which is ‘the film of the book’ (made by Netflix)

Panorama: Britain’s Wild Weather (first shown on 7th December, now on BBC i-Player) Much more than a programme showing the wild weather has affected us all during the last 12 months – floods in November and the wettest February ever, the sunniest spring since records began and record breaking temperatures in summer.

With access to Met Office data and experts explaining how hot and wet every part of the UK could become, the programme asks whether we are ready for the even wilder weather that is coming.It goes further – demonstrating what could happen to us where we live. It included a link to an interactive website that allows you to import post codes to discover what will happen in different parts of the UK.

Possible Actions
Possible’ is a long established action group that once used to be called 10:10 (10% reduction in carbon emissions by 2010). They want a zero carbon society, built by the people living in it. So they want people like us to be involved in actions. Their website describes the challenges, and also their current projects.

One project that appealed to me is called Badvertising – a campaign to stop high carbon advertising (fossil fuels, huge new cars (SUVs) and airlines). The great thing is that they include for each project a campaign toolkit, information and suggestions about what you could do.
So even if you have never protested before, you have all you need to do so now.

More ideas: