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March/April 2021

Includes short articles:
SB AGM 20th April 2021 and Future Activities

Oxfordshire County Council Elections 6th May 2021
Be sure to use your vote on 6th May

Ash die-back in and near Blewbury
Does the government take climate change seriously?
Great Green Wall of Africa

Long article:
Why Lithum batteries for electric cars?

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January/February 2021

Includes short articles:
Hedges, hedge-laying and biodiversity
Blewbury’s own snowdrop – the Blewbury Tart
2020 may have been hottest year ever
The Economics of Biodiversity: the Dasgupta review and the UN Report on Nature

Long article:
Councils will be critical in the fight against climate change, by EllieVincent
Why 2021 could be the most important year ever!

November/December 2020

Includes short articles:
Thermal Imaging of houses in January
Revised timetable for 94/94S bus in the New Year
The environment is to benefit from ‘biggest farming shake-up in 50 years’

A small, sensible British hydrogen-powered car
A Christmas That Cares for People and Planet
Long article:
The UK’s 10-point climate-change plan, with some comments

September/October 2020

Includes short articles:
A Blewbury wood?
China’s pledges to become carbon neutral before 2060
‘Lost decade for nature‘ as UK fails on 17 of 20 UN biodiversity targets
Local air quality and pollution

Long articles:
Is hydrogen a possible solution when batteries are not feasible?
Hydrogen cars and other transport.

July/August 2020

Includes short items:
Cosy Homes Oxfordshire
Are the current ‘long range’ electric cars good enough?
Campaign for Clean Air

Long article:
Nuclear power in the UK: current status and problems

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