• Why Blewbury Climate Action

    7 November 2019 by

    A global group of around 11,000 scientists have endorsed research that says the world is facing a climate emergency. (BBC News, 6 Nov, 2019) The study, based on 40 years of data on a range of measures, says governments are failing to address the crisis. And this was on the day when satellite data showed that… Read more

  • Global Weirding

    15 June 2020 by

    Global Weirding is a a series of more than 60 short (2 –  9 minutes) videos on Youtube, made by Climate Scientist Katharine Heyhoe for PBS America. Are you trying to home school bored youngsters? Or do you want to find out more about what is happening to our climate? These videos could be just… Read more

  • The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year

    21 May 2020 by

    Carlsberg and Coca-Cola back pioneering project to make ‘all-plant’ drinks bottles Sugars extracted from wheat, with corn and sugarbeets, will be used to produce the plant plastic instead of fossil fuels. Beer and soft drinks could soon be sipped from “all-plant” bottles under new plans to turn sustainably grown crops into plastic in partnership with… Read more

  • Ocean Memories – an ice concert

    21 April 2020 by

    ‘Ocean Memories’: the world’s most northerly ice music concert Ocean Memories is my favourite of Greenpeace’s Serenity videos. Click on Ocean Memories to watch it, but turn on your speakers first. A concert on a glacier on Svalbord, 78°N, played on instruments carved from the ice There are 17 short videos ranging from one to… Read more

  • COP 26 postponed until next year

    4 April 2020 by

    Another important event postponed because of the Coronavirus. The announcement was made in a joint statement from the UK and UN after a “virtual” meeting of officials. It was to be expected in the current lock down situation, and also because the planned COP 26 venue, Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus is now set to become… Read more

  • 5 ways to fight deforestation

    4 April 2020 by

    5 ways we can help to preserve forests, even if we have to stay at home In the time it takes to say ‘deforestation’, another chunk of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed. That’s every two seconds, every single day. See the WWF website for what we can do. (some of the… Read more

  • SB Repair Cafe CANCELLED!

    18 March 2020 by

    No Repair Cafe on Saturday 25th April We are very sorry that we have had to cancel our second Repair Cafe. The first one was a tremendous success: we had 36 customers and 29 of them left with repaired or sharpened items. Many people asked when the next one will be – the answer is… Read more

  • is your fridge cold enough?

    7 March 2020 by

    Turn your fridge down to less than 5°C and save food for longer The average UK fridge temperature is 6.6°C, but if you keep it below 5°C you can extend the life of milk and other foods by up to 3 days! This was in a report by the anti-waste charity Wrap. They said that… Read more

  • Our next Blewbury Repair Cafe

    7 March 2020 by

    Our Next Repair Cafe will be on 25th April, 2 – 4 pm in the Melland Room. Put the date in your diary! The Sustainable Blewbury Repair Cafe on 29th February was a tremendous success: lots of our satisfied customers asked us if we were going to hold another one, so that is what we… Read more

  • The Mind-blowing truth about our food!

    4 March 2020 by

    Monday March 9th at 8.00 pm Blewbury Manor BarnTickets £6 (includes a glass of wine) from the Post Office, or on the door (if not sold out) Nowadays we see and hear all sort of statements about our food and the way it is produced, and that things have to change. We are told that we… Read more

  • China’ emissions fall by 25% in two weeks!

    2 March 2020 by

    China’s emissions fall by 25% in two weeks. The efforts to contain the Coronavirus Covid-19 have led to a sharp drop in the burning of fossil fuels in the country, meaning we are seeing an accidental but unprecedented climate experiment.  Most of this post has been lifted complete from theMarch 2020 Sustainable Wantage News letter, which you… Read more

  • Blewbury Climate Action Group News

    29 February 2020 by

    Our Second Meeting is at 7.30 pm on Wednesday March 4th in the Melland Room, Blewbury Clubhouse. We chose by email  the five areas we thought looked the most interesting and also possible for the community to tackle. The top five were, in order of popularity: Energy, Transport, Waste Reduction, Food and Tree Planting. The… Read more

  • Repair Cafe Saturday 29 Feb

    13 February 2020 by

    Don’t bin it, bring it to see if we can fix it for free! Saturday 29th February, 2 to 4 pm in the Melland RoomBring your broken things to our first Repair Café.Our aim is to have a team of local experts to help mend them:  • Tool & knife sharpening• Check/fix your bike  •… Read more

  • Sunday 2nd February- it’s national hedgehog day!

    3 February 2020 by

    Hedgehogs are doing better in towns, than in the country! Why?What can we do? We now have large fields growing single crops, and more pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are used so there are less insects, and hedgehogs rely on insects. Flailing hedges creates gaps at their base, so less hiding places. Hedgehogs travel as far… Read more

  • Davos: Trump decries climate ‘prophets of doom’

    21 January 2020 by

    US President Donald Trump has decried climate “prophets of doom” in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where sustainability is the main theme. He called for a rejection of “predictions of the apocalypse” and said America would defend its economy. Mr Trump did not directly name the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg,… Read more

  • The moment of crisis has come

    18 January 2020 by

     … We can no longer put off decisions about what we are going to do about the climate emergency According to Sir David Attenborough, “we have been putting things off for year after year. While climate scientists are clear about the need for a rapid response, the pace of international negotiations is grindingly slow, and… Read more

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