The pace of Biden’s climate action is dizzying.

At last: the end of Trump’s era of denialism The vision laid out in the actions that have been signed by Joe Biden is transformative. A pathway for oil and gas drilling to be banned from public lands. A third of America’s land and ocean protected. The government ditching the combustion engine from its entire […]

Please sign this Traidcraft petition!

Say yes to green trade (and no to fossil fuels) Sign the Traidcraft Exchange*petition: tell the UK government to join the proposed new Green Trade agreement and get serious about tackling climate change. Go to and scroll down to a button that says: ADD YOUR NAME. Click on it to sign the petition, then email your […]

New 94 timetable begins on January 4th

A New Year present from Thames Travel: more buses, earlier and later buses, AND 6 buses each way on Saturdays! The revised service will run linearly from Didcot through East Hagbourne, Blewbury, Upton, Chilton to Harwell Campus and back again, but unfortunately West Hagbourne’s only stop will be at the Horse and Harrow. The new timetable […]

Leaving the EU – Where will our food come from?

Leaving the EU means that the UK has now to negotiate new trade deals for food imports with nations like the USA, which have lower standards for food production than us. America’s low-welfare standards could wreck the UK’s farming and food industry, The chlorine on chickens isn’t the issue. It’s about why it’s used: to […]

Leaving the EU – biggest farming shake-up in 50 years?

The UK will no longer need to apply EU rules for paying farming subsidies. The £1.6 Bn subsidy farmers receive every year for simply owning or renting land will be phased out by 2028. The wealthiest farmers will face the sharpest cuts, starting with 25% next year. Those receiving less will see a 5% cut.  […]

Nov/Dec SB Newsletter now online

Now on the Sustainable Blewbury website Short articles include:Thermal Imaging of houses in JanuaryRevised timetable for 94/94S bus in the New YearThe environment is to benefit from ‘biggest farming shake-up in 50 years’A small, sensible British hydrogen-powered carA Christmas That Cares for People and Planet Long article:The UK’s 10-point climate-change plan, with some comments


The UK government is still pouring billions into climate-wrecking projects abroad – something the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan failed to fix. So this time next week (December 3rd) Friends of the Earth will be handing in their petition calling for the government to end this reckless spending. The more signatures FOE collect, the more impact […]

Want a Tree for your garden?

A local group called HUGS (Hagbournes & Upton Group for Sustainability) are making it easy for locals to order trees to plant in their gardens. They have invited Blewbury people to join in, BUT the deadline for ordering is November 23rd HUGS say “We are working with local gardeners and have selected a list of […]

If Trump wins, the climate loses !

The U.S. will leave the Paris climate accord on Nov. 4th – but voters will decide for how long. Under Trump, the USA will be the only country to drop out of the international agreement to cut pollution linked to climate change. But if Joe Biden wins, he has pledged to rejoin the accord. The […]

Well done Mya-Rose! British teenager’s climate protest on Arctic ice floe

Environmental activist and campaigner Mya-Rose Craig, 18, was protesting last Friday on an Arctic ice floe at 82 North, in the world’s most northerly climate strike ever! Mya-Rose journeyed to the Arctic on board the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, which is part of an expedition documenting the impact of the climate crisis and investigating marine life […]

Fossil fuel firms’ money not welcome at COP26 – big oil need not apply

Fossil fuel money is not welcome to help run next year’s Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow, as UK government seeks sponsors with net zero emissions plans.
Fossil fuel money is not welcome to help run next year’s Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow, as UK government seeks sponsors with net zero emissions plans.

Nando’s is making big change to its chickens – and it involves insects

Nando’s aims to cut its carbon emissions to net zero, and halve the carbon footprint of its average meal over the next ten years, and part of this plan is to feed its chickens on insects. This was featured in the Daily Mirror of 28th July, and the first instinct is to think what will the chicken taste like, or I don’t want to eat that!

Who’s using the least coal now?

I confess, I have been playing with Carbon Brief’s interactive map of the world’s power stations for over an hour, but I have learned a lot.

The image at the top of this post is of the world’s coal fired power stations in the year 2000, but if you move the blue slider from left to right the map slowly updates from 2000 to 2019, then predicts the future (2020). You can pick parts of the world instead of the entire planet: European Union, U.S.A, China etc. and the colour and size of the dots tells you if the power station is operating or only planned and so on. Try out the map for yourself.

Watch the Grid!

Great Britain heads for record coal-free period during lock down
(in June it was 2 months, now 3 months – the longest period since the 1880s)
So I checked this National Grid statement on GridWatch
… COAL Zero% True, Britain is rapidly phasing-out coal, BUT
GAS provides on average 27% of electricity generated, and nowhere in this statement (which attracted a lot of press interest) was the large contribution by gas mentioned.
NUCLEAR contributes a fairly constant 5 GW day and night and that was not mentioned either!